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Sexting has become so mainstream that most people will be completely open about their love of sexting. Why wouldn't they be? I mean, it's hot, it's steamy, there's no risk at all and you can get off quickly easily and discreetly. There are no real cons to sexting. That's why it's taken off with no boundaries in sight. We've broken down the percentage of people who are looking for certain things when it comes to sexting, take a look at our charts just to your right to find out what women are searching for most when it comes to finding a sexting buddy to more easily give them what they're looking for and increase your chances of finding more sexting partners.

  • 80% of women are looking for little more than sexting, they're looking for in person hookups.

  • 91% of women are online looking for strictly sexting partners.

  • 88% of women are looking to swap nudes and nothing more.

  • 95% of women consider relationship options when looking to the internet for hokoups or sexting.

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